Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to our website.

If you’re like me, you’re tired of the same old partisan fights where politicians put personal gain and ideology ahead of solving problems.

In these tough economic times, it’s clear that people expect their elected officials to offer honest plans and straight talk.

They want real and specific solutions to the problems that face us, not gimmicks or meaningless bumper sticker slogans.

They want authentic leaders who won’t talk down to them or put politics-as-usual ahead of moving Wisconsin forward.

In short, the people of Wisconsin deserve an adult in the governor’s office who is on their side and focused only on getting things done. This is exactly the kind of leadership I’ll provide as your governor.

I’m running to create jobs, fight for Wisconsin’s middle class and working families who are struggling the most in these tough times, and to expand opportunity and prosperity for everyone in our state.

For the past six years as Mayor of Milwaukee, I’ve focused on creating good jobs and attracting new businesses to our region. And I’m proud to say that I believe my efforts have made a real difference. Our work to transform the Menomonee Industrial Valley from a decaying, forgotten wasteland into a thriving commercial center that supports dozens of businesses and nearly 3,000 jobs has earned national recognition.

The regional economic development initiative we created to attract high-quality businesses and jobs to Wisconsin has retained and brought more than 2,000 jobs to Wisconsin in the past 7 months alone with companies like Republic Airways, Ingeteam, Talgo and C+D Technologies.

As your governor I will build on these successes and implement a comprehensive plan to create Wisconsin jobs. My vision focuses on sparking job creation today, as well as implementing long-term economic growth strategies to build Wisconsin’s economy of tomorrow. It invests in Wisconsin’s strengths – like manufacturing and agriculture – while supporting emerging industries that can provide jobs in the future – like biotech and high-tech. And the plan builds on Wisconsin’s assets – tremendous natural resources, outstanding institutions of higher learning, and an excellent workforce with a legendary work ethic.

The national recession has been tough, but I know we will overcome these challenging times because of the resilience and determination of the people of Wisconsin. This spirit, toughness and optimism deserve a full partner in the governor’s office who understands your concerns, listens to your voice, and has a clear plan to get Wisconsin working.

I have done just that. From introducing responsible and balanced budgets, to reducing crime, to fighting for school reform, to investing in jobs, I’ve tackled the issues just as families across Wisconsin tackle challenges every single day.

This campaign is about you, so I encourage you to explore our site and learn more about our campaign, the issues, and how together we can get Wisconsin working. We will also need your help, and I hope you will consider making a donation or signing up to volunteer.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to staying in touch with you throughout our campaign.

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